Are You Ready to Practice?

Please join me each week for group classes at Embrace DC or Radio Yogi. On demand classes are coming soon!


Gentle Yoga @ Radio Yogi

Gentle yoga is a nurturing accessible class that is typically a mix of seated and supported standing movements. Sometimes the full practice is seated. Dawn leads this yoga class using a viniyoga style customized to improve joint mobility and is entirely accessible for beginners — or anyone who wants the more profound benefits of yoga.
Gentle Yoga is on Wednesday from 6-7pm Currently online due to COVID

Yin Yoga @ Embrace DC

Yin yoga is a slow, gentle, and relaxing style of yoga. This class places emphasis on the connective tissue of the body and meridian theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) based on the teachings of Paul Grilley, and Bernie Clark. In each 75-minute class, Dawn incorporates the energetic lines of the body, known as meridians or nadis, along with tools from contemplative practices as an opportunity to check in with yourself. The class closes with breath practice and meditation.
Yin Yoga is on Wednesday from 7:45-9 pm. Currently online due to COVID