Yoga is for Every Body!
At Blossoming Bodhi we offer yoga as a practice tailored to you and your goals

Developmental Practice

Developing a yoga practice either for beginners or for people who have been in and out of yoga studios can be a challenge. This is a great option for people whose healthcare provider has suggested they try yoga.

Partner Practice

Yoga with a partner offers a wonderful opportunity to deepen a connection with each other. I use yoga as a pathway to reignite the feeling of lightness and play with a partner.

Sustaining Practice

Change is always occurring; this is also true for the yoga practice. To sustain a yoga practice is for practitioners who are seeking to transform their practice or for those who want to explore the full scope of their yoga practice.

Therapeutic Practice

While yoga is inherently a healing process, there are times we need specific types of attention to support our bodies in a very intentional way. This practice is designed to reduce symptoms, restore balance, increase vitality and improve mindset.