Partner Practice

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

-African Proverb

An opportunity to deepen a connection with your partner.

Yoga with a partner offers a wonderful opportunity to deepen a connection with each other. Through moving and breathing together different dynamics of your relationship can be revealed. Over time the daily stress of life can make relationships tough: there are daily challenges, fatigue sets in and time passes and for some it is easy to forget the lightness and support available to us in relationships. I use yoga as a pathway to reignite the feeling of lightness and play with a partner.

“When we move and breathe together as one we can gain the tools to break the emotional and energetic barriers that were constructed in periods of solitude and in those moments we can discover a deeper connection”

My Process

Partner yoga is a beautiful bridge that begins with the physical practice of extending your awareness towards each other and physically stretching in new and different ways. Through the practice we will utilize the power of non-sexual touch combined with breathwork to offer an opportunity to let go and allow yourself to discover new ways to physically support one another. Unlike some yoga classes where you each practice together on your own mat, in this practice you will combine your yoga mat and by moving in tandem you and your partner will create a pose. Getting into and out of these poses is a lot of fun this practice will offer an opportunity to fortify trust and create ways to communicate with our bodies.
Session Costs:


Single Session

Common Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Due to COVID I am only offering sessions online so you will need a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a stable internet connection, a yoga mat with props (e.g. strap, towels, or blanket) and comfortable clothing

No as long as you are willing to touch your partner in a physical posture and play that is all that is required.

The average session is 60 minutes. Times may be adjusted according to need.

No, you do not need any prior yoga experience.

 Yes I will modify the practice to meet both of your needs.

No in partner assisted yoga, one person is doing a pose and the other is assisting. These poses are designed to be mutually beneficial. You will move into postures together pressing backs together or linking arms creating a new posture so you each give support while at the same time receive benefits. The fun comes when you find the perfect balance because push too much and someone will fall, pull to lightly and no one feels anything.